King Athelstan

Masonic Order of Athelstan

The Masonic Order of Athelstan (MOA) takes its ceremony from the time the Anglo-Saxon King Athelstan, who claimed to the first king of all the English, asked his half-brother Prince Edwin to call the practicing Master Masons to a general assembly at York, in the year 926.  King Athelstan had for some time been concerned about the poor practices of the operative Masons and had decide to lay down certain standards which eventually became known as the Old Charges.

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Our candidates are made to represent one of the Master Masons summoned to York.

All candidates must be active, subscribing members of both a Craft Lodge and a Holy Royal Arch Chapter, and remain so if they wish to continue to be an Athelstan Mason.

The Order is unreservedly invitational only.

The Craft

Royal Arch Chapter

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To find out more about the order, contact should be made with the Provincial Secretary.

Masonic Order of Athelstan

Courts Number Venue
Court of Aldred 15 Chester-le-Street Masonic Hall, Station Road, Chester-le Street, DH3 3DU
Court of the High Reeves 44 Ashington Masonic Hall, 2 John Street, Ashington, NE63 0SE
Court of the East and West 67 Gateshead Masonic Hall, 47 Alexandra Road, Gateshead, NE8 1RB
Court of King Constantine 70 Brampton Masonic Hall, Craw Hall, Brampton, CA8 1TL
Court of Tinan 71 Fern Avenue Masonic Hall, 83 Fern Avenue, Jesmond, NE2 2RA
Court of Dearthington 103 Ferryhill Masonic Hall, 34 North Street, Ferryhill, DL17 8HX
Court of Yodene Sud 144 Castle Eden Masonic Hall, 3 St James’ Field, Castle Eden, TS27 4TJ
Court of Baede 146 Queen Street Masonic Temple, Queen Street East, Sunderland, SR1 2HT