A Second Degree With A Difference

23rd June 2022

The June meeting of Albert Edward Lodge No.1557, which meets at Hexham Masonic Hall, was held one day earlier than is usual due to the potential impact of the revised Spring and Platinum Jubilee Bank Holidays.

W Bro Dr Gregory Roger Smith, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, accompanied by a team of Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland were in attendance and witnessed a Second Degree, conferred by a team of Installed Masters, or their representatives, of the Lodges of West Tynedale.

W.Bro Paul Leonard, the Master of Albert Edward Lodge led the team, which comprised of W.Bro Ian Forster, of Haltwhistle Lodge No.5090 as Senior Warden, W.Bro Robin Graham, of Hextoldesham Lodge No.5577 as Junior Warden, W Bro John Liddle, of Vindobala Lodge No.5480 as Senior Deacon, W.Bro Edwin Wilkinson, of Risingham Lodge No.5761 as Junior Deacon, and W.Bro Barry Mellars, of Epicure Lodge No.9618 as Inner Guard, with W.Bro Colin Phelps, Of Vindobala Lodge No.5480, W.Bro Jeff Rogers, of Alston Lodge No.2794, in the Province of Cumberland and Westmorland, W.Bro Aubrey Best, of Alston Lodge No.2794, in the Province of Cumberland and Westmorland and W.Bro Edwin Wilkinson, of Risingham Lodge No.5761 all delivering different parts of the Ceremony to the candidate, Bro David Dawson, who was passed to the Second Degree.

The involvement of the Installed Masters, from the district of Tynedale, was initiated in 2013 becoming the usual practice at the June meeting of Albert Edward Lodge, proving to be a most enjoyable experience with variations of ritual clearly in evidence. It is also customary at this meeting to have a fraternal visit from St Hilda Lodge No. 240, in the Province of Durham. This year was no different and W.Bro David Fuller, the Master of St Hilda Lodge, accompanied by several of his officers and brethren, plus officers and brethren of other lodges from the South Shields area were warmly welcomed into the lodge.

The festive board proved to be a harmonious affair with excellent catering and stewarding, whilst the tables were adorned with floral decorations in patriotic colours in honour of the Jubilee weekend, and raised the magnificent sum of £315 which was donated to a family of Ukrainian refugees that have recently arrived in Hexham.

Many thanks to W.Bro George Anderson for the submission of this article.

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