A New Home For The District Grand Council Of Northumberlands Annual Meeting

28th October 2022

Saturday witnessed the Annual Meeting of the District Grand Council of Northumberland, of the Order of Royal and Select Masters, being held in their new home of Fern Avenue Masonic Hal for the first time.

The, packed to the rafters, building saw members of the order travel from the far reaches of the country, including Sussex, Surrey and Kent, with  16 of the 25 Districts represented, including 11 District Grand Masters, 2 Past District Grand Masters, 9 Deputy District Grand Masters, and 6 District Grand Principal Conductor of Works. The thronging mass was particularly bolstered by large raiding parties from Cumberland and Westmorland and Durham, led by their respective District Grand Masters, R.Ill.Comp Douglas Sanderson and R’Ill.Comp Michael Graham respectively.

Numerous members of every Council in the District, including Heads of Orders from the Mark, Order of Secret Monitor, Rose Croix and the Allied Masonic Degrees, were in attendance to witness their peers receiving their we;; deserved appointments, re-appointments and promotions.

A seamless, well drilled meeting, under the direction of the District Grand Director of Ceremonies, Ill.Comp Andrew Jennings, who just so happens to be the Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, made way for a packed, convivial and very enjoyable Festive Board.

Congratulations, from everyone at Northumberland Freemasons, to all the Companions, for your various preferments.   

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