50 Years Of Service From WBro Kenneth Brown

14th June 2023

Homelyn Lodge No. 6075, which meets at Ashington Masonic Hall, held a recent remarkable event when one of their number, Bro Kenneth Brown, was honoured for a remarkable fifty years on uninterrupted service to the Craft.

Ken was very nervous, although he needn’t have been, as WBro Ray Dryden admitted that this was his first time attending a 50-year ceremony to conduct a presentation, and this statement settled Ken down.

The ceremony was very touching because it showed a combination of nervousness and pleasure for the recognition received during which Ken explained his work career and the interaction with his masonic activities.

Ken joined the Craft in 1973, becoming Master in 1983 and 2014. He was Acknowledged in Provincial Grand Lodge in 1992 when he received appointment to the rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon, receiving subsequent promotions in 1999 and 2008 to Past Provincial Grand Registrar and Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden. In addition he is a member of King Edward VII Royal Arch Chapter No 2892 and achieved the 18th degree in St Aidan Rose Croix.

During his working life Ken was a time served painter and decorator for the vast majority, working for several companies in Northumberland. One of his biggest achievements was building his own home, from scratch, alongside his father in law. He then began employment with British Coal as a painter and decorator, prior to working as a winderman until he retired. He is married to Angela and has two children and lives in Newbiggin by the Sea. 

Congratulations to Ken, from everyone at Northumberland Freemasons, on attaining a fantastic fifty years within the Craft.

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