2020/21 Annual Video Report from Provincial Grand Chapter

13th April 2021

Congratulations to the Companions of the Province on their re-appointment to Office in Provincial Grand Chapter.

As a result of the very challenging circumstances we have faced during the last twelve months, the M.E. Grand Superintendent, Ian Craigs, decided that no new appointments or promotions will be conferred on Companions, allowing those already in Office the opportunity to carry out the duties they were unable to perform and enjoy during the last year.

Sadly, Covid-19 restrictions mean that, once again. we are not able to hold our Annual Convocation Meeting. Instead, we have recorded an Annual Video Report from Provincial Grand Chapter featuring the M.E. Grand Superintendent alongside other members of the Provincial Executive.

E.Comp Stuart Cairns, the Provincial Scribe Ezra, will shortly be posting the full list of the re-appointments, as well as a list of the proposed Provincial Team Visits, to all the Acting Rank Officers and Chapter Scribes Ezra.

I am sure we all join the M.E, Grand Superintendent, and the rest of the Provincial Executive, in congratulating all the Companions on their re-appointment in Provincial Grand Chapter, and wish them well for their ensuing year in office.