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Becoming a

It's easier than you think

Becoming a Freemason

Becoming a Freemason means you’ll be joining more than 200,000 members throughout England
and Wales, as well as Districts overseas.

Membership is open to any man over the age of 18 irrespective of their race or religion. In total, we
have more than 7,000 Lodges, with students over 18 able to join one of the 85 University Scheme

What happens at a Lodge meeting? 


Lodge meetings are typically held in two parts. The first involves more administrative procedures,
such as proposing and balloting for new members and receiving news about charitable fundraising.
The second part focuses on ceremonies, which might relate to areas such as the admittance of new
members or the installation of the Master of the Lodge and his officers – a process made up of three
degrees, or stages, each one marked by a special ceremony. 

True to the sense of friendship and togetherness among Freemasons, meetings are also social events,
providing an occasion for members to dine together. Outside of the Lodge, activities include
community fundraising and volunteering activities, as well as a varied programme of events where
spouses, partners and families are welcome.

How do I join? 


If you don’t know anyone who is a member and that you can talk to, then your first step is to complete the form below and someone from our membership team will be in touch to discuss your interest and put you in touch with a suitable lodge in your area. You may also be interested to find out more about the Universities Scheme.

Universities' Scheme

We have a programme specifically tailored for university students who wish to explore everything Freemasonry has to offer.

In the Province there are two Lodges associated with the University Scheme, Hostpur Lodge and Duke of Connaught. Both Lodges have many student members from Newcastle and Northumbria Universities.

Three steps

Becoming a Freemason really is much easy than you think, there’s actually only three steps to becoming a Freemason.

There are three simple requirements for joining Freemasonry. There are many myths about Freemasonry, such as you have to be invited, well…

We invite you to join

Three requirements


You have to be at least eighteen years old to join freemasonry.


You must believe in a supreme being. We won't ask about religion.


You must be of good character with no criminal convictions.

Becoming a FREEMASON

It's easier than you think